“Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities,” American Association of University Professors, American Council of Education, and Association of Governing Boards (1966)

AAUP, ACE, & AGB Statement

William Leach, “Shared Governance in Higher Education: Structural and Cultural Responses to a Changing National Climate,” (2008)

W. Leach, Shared Governance

Bruce Mallory, “Leading in the UNH Community: Achieving Common Goals through Shared Leadership,” (2007)

Mallory, Leading the UNH Community

Stanley Fish, “Shared Governance: Democracy is not an Educational Idea,” (2007)

Larry Gerber, “‘Inextricably Linked:’ Shared Governance and Academic Freedom,” (2001)

Gary Olson, “Exactly What is ‘Shared Governance?,'” (2009)


5 Responses to “Readings”

  1. Shawn Ostermann Says:

    We put together this quick reference card on Shared Governance a couple years ago. The idea was to give it to faculty and staff who represented their colleagues on committees and etc.


    1. ohioevpp Says:

      Thanks, Shawn. How helpful do you think that the card was in promoting shared governance?

      Ann Fidler

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